Minimalism, Bus Life, and Being an Artist

Minimalism, Bus Life, and Being an Artist

As glamourous as Instagram and YouTube might make living in a bus seem, it's not always this easy! 

There were a lot of hurdles I had to jump over before this became a comfortable lifestyle for me, like conquering cold winters, learning to burn the perfect fire in my Grizzly wood stove and keep it going,  keeping up with general maintenance of the bus and as one who grew up cooking large luxurious meals, I’ve had to learn how to cook in a tiny kitchen with a small convection oven and one hot plate...  But honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.

Minimalism and living tiny has given me a lot of amazing perspective I wouldn't have otherwise been able to experience. It helped me realize what I really appreciate and what things I don't really need. I'm not perfect at it yet- there's still a lot of things I'm working on shedding from my life, but making everything much simpler has given me the freedom and energy to pursue my true passions, like starting this webstore!

I think that even if you're not totally committed to living in a smaller space, understanding what really matters to you and letting go of the rest can be a really powerful process. I let go of the comfort of living in a house in town for living in a spot nestled right in nature, where I'm free to be creative with the space around me and let my personality shine through. Including landscaping my yard exactly how I like, building my fence from the trees in the forest around me and my most recent build, my fire fueled outdoor bathtub.  It’s a dream.

It also allows me more financial freedom to spend on things I love and invest in myself and my business. I find I'm far more inspired being in this environment and I've really come to realize how the space around me impacts my creative process.

I have just enough room for all the essentials - kitchen, bathroom, shower, bedroom, living-room. Adding an art studio was becoming a bit of a challenge. I was printing everything from this Bluebird bus, hanging freshly screen printed clothing from everywhere and anywhere to dry and trying to find space for it all. Pen, paper and paints all over my counters and boxes of supplies under my bed. When really it was sort of the opposite of what I was trying to do by living minimally.  
So I figured it was time to take the plunge and level up my business. Although I love pen to paper and I was reluctant to go digital, I got an iPad and started learning Procreate. Having this option has really enhanced what I’m able to do as an artist and launched my journey with my online store.
Moving into selling my clothing online has been a game changer in simplifying another part of my life, and I'm really excited to be here and be able to share my illustrated prints and clothing with you!

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